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My daughter got her braces put on this past week, and she is miserable with discomfort.  Having had braces myself at her age, I wish I could say that I remembered it well and had a host of soft comfort foods at the ready for her as she adjusted to having pokey metal take up residence inside her mouth.  But honestly, I must have blocked out this memory, and I fell down on the mom job.  As she was sorting through ideas of what would taste or feel good, Ellie hit upon a memory that fueled her request:  remember when I used to make Ellie bread, squishy and soft and so...

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This recipe is adapted from one by Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa), who knows a thing or two about fabulous cake. It's a cake for when I'm not messing around. I want a fantastic cake, and I want it moist and chocolatey. I like to top it with serious chocolatey frosting, or fudgy ganache. You can modify this recipe, or choose one of your own, to suit your needs, both for flavor and allergen concerns. Cooqi Cake+Pastry Flour is formulated to give you maximum creative range. If an amazing chocolate cake is where you want to start, this recipe is the ticket!

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