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“Challah” When we make the shift to gluten-free, we discover there is a lot we can do that is surprising, and wonderful, and delicious.  Maybe we had an assumption that our food, or at least our baked goods, would have to be kind of gross from here on out, and that just is not true.  And this is very good. But…well, living GF, we also learn to live with a fairly liberal use of air-quotes. Certain things, particularly older, more traditional bread recipes, can be mimicked, but without gluten, they aren’t quite the same.  This doesn’t have...

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Who doesn't remember fondly the March treat of Girl Scout cookies?  My children, that's who!  They've been gluten-free as long as they can remember, which means they didn't know what a Thin Mint was when I made a reference to them.  I found this situation troubling, and thought my kids, and all of us who toe the gluten line should have our own chocolate mint mmmm.  

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