Judy Malmon
Cooqi founder Judy Malmonbaking has arrived.” delicious gluten-free That’s our motto. Nutritious “Don’t settle – eat better!


Cooqi Gluten-Free (say “cookie”) started as a tiny neighborhood retail bakery in St. Paul, Minnesota. Founder Judy Malmon opened its doors in December of 2006 as the culmination of her dream that there be somewhere a person could go to get fresh, delicious, and wholesome gluten-free food.

Judy’s daughter was gluten-intolerant, and Judy had a hunch there were others like her, frustrated by the lack of choices and unsatisfying taste of available gluten-free options. She created Cooqi with the mission to make a difference in the world of gluten-free.

Cooqi was a hit from its very first day. Cooqi sold out its goods, hired more help, expanded its offerings, and quickly became a well-loved destination for people all over the Twin Cities area and beyond –which inspired Judy to think of new ways of reaching out to them. In 2010 she closed the bakery to focus full-time on developing the line of whole grain gluten-free baking mixes.

Cooqi Gluten-Free is now a metamorphosis from a local bakery into a line of artisan, organic whole-grain gluten-free baking mixes, available to you wherever you are, from your grocer’s shelf or from our online shopping cart.

Our bakery allowed us to test and refine our recipes, and we know from the feedback we received from our customers that our products are truly the best around (and the best for you!) Now we bring to you our most popular items, fresh from your own oven.