Introducing our line of gluten-free baking mixes. All of the Cooqi Gluten-Free mixes are made with freshly milled organic whole grains.
***We apologize for any inconvenience, but our products are no longer available for online purchase--please ask your local coop or grocer to carry Cooqi products!***

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Multi-Purpose Flour

32 oz. bag (2 lbs.)
Cooqi Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour. Use cup-for-cup in your favorite recipes. Great for cookies, breads, bars, muffins, as well as sauces, stews and other cooking needs. Enough flour for more than 3 batches of cookies.
Ingredients:  Organic brown rice flour, potato starch, organic millet flour, organic sorghum flour, tapioca starch, xanthan gum.


“There is no other gluten-free flour mix like Cooqi’s Multi-Purpose Flour. I’ve tried all the others, and Cooqi’s is the BEST!”   Dawn Z.

“You have made what should be an everyday experience ‘normal’…Knowing that the folks at Cooqi ‘get it’ makes all the difference in the world!”   Shawn B.

Cake + Pastry Flour

32 oz. bag (2 lbs.)
Cooqi Gluten-Free Cake & Pastry Flour. A fantastic flour blend formulated specifically for cakes and other delicate concoctions. Perfect also for puff pastry, donuts, crepes, pizzelles and anything else in need of a lighter touch. Makes 3 two-layer cakes. 
Ingredients:  Organic brown rice flour, organic rice flour, potato starch, organic sorghum flour, tapioca starch, xanthan gum. 


“I recently tasted a cake made with one of your mixes and I LOVED it. SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!”   Walter W.

“My eleven-year-old son told me that the chocolate cake made from your cake flour was the best cake he has ever had—and he’s not even gluten-free!! I think that’s really saying something! Way to go, Cooqi!”   Julie N.

Pancake Flour

32 oz. bag (2 lbs.)
Cooqi Gluten-Free Pancake Mix. Start your day right with these delicious, nutritious pancakes everyone will love. Makes great waffles, too! Makes 6 batches of pancakes/waffles.
Ingredients:  Organic brown rice flour, potato starch, organic millet flour, organic sorghum flour, organic buckwheat flour, organic cornmeal, tapioca starch, aluminum-free baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, xanthan gum.


“OMG, I knew I liked your Pancake Mix, but honestly, just how much wasn't clear until I was faced with a two-week trip. I panicked at the thought of being without. Your mix has become a staple (to which I blend in some banana & walnuts, FYI). It's more tasty, filling and long-lasting than any pancake mix I've ever had - GF or not. So thanks a million--your mixes are amazing and so are you!”   Heidi P.

“Cooqi’s Pancake Mix is amazing! Easy to use, and the pancakes are light, fluffy, and oh so tasty!”   Lisa S.

Pizza + Pita Mix

26 oz. bag (1 lb. 10 oz)
Cooqi Gluten-Free Pizza + Pita Mix. Pizza crust so good you don’t have to make pizza to enjoy it! Even wheat-eaters love our crust. Or, for a delicious no-spill sandwich, mini-pitas can’t be beat. Makes 6 12" pizza crusts. 
Ingredients:  Organic brown rice flour, potato starch, organic millet flour, organic sorghum flour, tapioca starch, organic sugar, sea salt, xanthan gum (package includes two yeast packets).


“I just wanted to tell you how fantastic your pizza mix is! I bought some, and was expecting something along the lines of average mixes I've purchased before. This mix is in an ENTIRELY different category! My husband (who is not a celiac) was raving that it was the best pizza he'd had outside of Italy and I was in heaven. I don't want to eat any other gluten-free pizza crust now! It wasn't too hard to make, either. Thank you so much for making this mix with the thoughtful inclusion of the yeast packet, and please keep up to the good work! The foods I miss most as a celiac are pita bread, crisp bread (Scandinavian style), good crackers, pizza, and baguettes. This mix will allow me to make most of these things. Can't wait to try making the recipes on this site!”   Candace S.



“Thanks for making everything so nutritious! Even though there are other gluten-free substitutes, I avoid them. I’m so glad you focus on quality ingredients and nutritional punch.”   Christine A.