I first came across this recipe, originally by Gale Gand, in my local newspaper's food section, but of course it was not gluten-free. After obsessing about how delicious it sounded, I adapted it using my pancake mix. These fritters are indeed as tasty as they seem!
So often, you think of French food as being rich, and elegant, and sweet, and just a little over-the-top, and likely out of reach for a regular cook/baker. I stumbled across this recipe, and thought it sounded interesting. I decided to try adapting it to gluten-free, and was delighted at how easy it is to make, as well as how satisfying and wholesome it is as a single-item meal, whether as a quick high-protein savory bite on the run in the morning, or as a simple-yet-different centerpiece of a brunch or casual evening meal. The flavors of the slightly sweet swiss cheese, smoky ham, and salty olives blend perfectly into a delicious mouthful.
This recipe will soon be its own mix, but since that’s not ready yet, I wanted you to have a really great loaf bread recipe.
You can use the basic Pizza + Pita recipe to make a cracker-like crisp flatbread that you can cut or break into pieces for dipping or spreading with your favorite toppings.
Make your own version of the Italian favorite--topped with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt, or whatever you like!
A popular favorite from the original Cooqi Bakery, this take on crusty French bread will have you reaching for the fancy cheese and maybe a glass of wine. To make crostini, slice the baguette in thin diagonals, brush with olive oil, and bake until lightly browned.
At our house, we love these handy little pocket breads for just about everything. Easy to make, keep a batch on hand in the freezer for quick sandwiches, english-muffin-like toast, or mini-pizzas.
People ask me all the time for a good recipe for banana bread. This one is easy and nutritious, much better than using a box mix, for not much more effort. It can be dairy-free, as well as nut-free. A great snack item to keep on hand for kids instead of packaged bars, crackers, cereals, etc. Feel free to throw in a ½ c. of chopped walnuts pecans, or sunflower seeds. Chocolate chips are also allowed. I recommend making smaller loaves, as it is difficult to get even baking through the middle with a larger loaf. Or, make muffins.
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