Traditional and gluten-free come together in this universally appealing treat.
When I was a child, I was never much of a fan of pie. I can't for the life of me imagine how that could be (I love pie!!), but even then, the one pie I did appreciate was apple pie made with local fall apples. We used to pick up the fallen Haralsons from the tree in our back yard and load them into a paper bag to give to my grandma, who would turn them into the most delicious pie. I still love me a delish tart-sweet cinnamon-y apple pie, and when the first chill of fall blows in and the apples come to area farmers'; markets, I know it's time to sharpen my paring knife. Just...
Who doesn't love a great pie? You can definitely have it gluten-free, and this recipe is actually less fussy than traditional wheat crust, and offers up flaky goodness so yummy you can even make a 
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